Gear Oils

reduce friction and wear      

When choosing a gear oil, it is important to consider factors such as the operating temperature, load, speed, and environment. It is also important to follow the manufacturer's recommendations regarding oil type and change intervals to ensure proper lubrication and avoid equipment failure.


Gear Oils

G- Series

Semi Synthetic Gear Oil

Semi-synthetic blend of highly refined, high VI paraffin base oils and synthetic PAO fluid designed for gears operating under heavy loads, and/or shock loads. High EP (load carrying capacity). Tackifier provides extra-adhensive, non-leak properties. Special organo-moly antifriction additive.

OL Series

Fully Synthetic Gear Oil

100% synthetic PAO blends for superior industrial gear EP lubrication over a wide temperature range. Benefits include substantial reductions in friction and power consumption and lower operating temperatures. OL Synthetic Gear Oil exceed API GL-4, US Steel 224 and Agma 250.03 specification


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